viernes, 24 de abril de 2020

The Kiss That Missed_Story Book

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English Exercises: THE KISS THAT MISSED

The kiss that missed

- Once upon a Tuesday the King was in a hurry as usual.
- "Goodnight", he said and blew his son a royal kiss.
- It missed.
- The young Prince watched it rattle around the room,
then bounce out of the window and into the night.

- The Prince told the Queen.
- The Queen told the King.
- And the King had a quick word with his loyal Knight.
- "Follow that kiss!" he squawked.

- The Knight mounted his horse ...
Eventually ...
- And galloped off in hot pursuit until they came to the wild wood.

- Wild creatures with wild eyes,
too much hair, and very bad manners lived here.
- It was dark. It was smelly. It was ...
... snowing.

- They were not alone.
- There were bears with long claws and growly roars,
swooping owls of all shapes and sizes,
and a pack of hungry wolves with dribbly mouths.

- "Eek!" squeaked the Knight.
- And then, suddenly ...
... with a sparkle the Royal kiss came floating by and, in turn, said goodnight to everyone.
- Bears stopped being growly,
- Owls stopped being swoopy,
- Wolves stopped being dribbly,
- And before you could say "Follow that kiss!"
they all settled down for a good night's sleep.

- After a while they sat down on a wrinkly old tree trunk to rest.
- The wrinkly old tree trunk twitched ...
and slowly rose into the air ...
above the woods and into the clouds.
- At last they found themselves staring into a pair of very hairy nostrils.
- A dragon with "this-pair-would-be-nice-on-toast" eyes
leered greedily at them.

- Suddenly ...
with a sparkle the Royal kiss came floating by
and flew right up the dragon's nose.
- He sat up, sniffed, and blinked.
- Slowly, he opened his mouth, took a deep breath, and ...

- "Hang on"! he said as they tumbled through the trees.
- "Come back!" he puffed as he lumbered after them.
- "I want to pick you and ...
kiss you goodnight"

- Slowly they all made their way back to the castle.
- That night the Prince was happy,
- The Queen was happy,
- And the King promised to stop always being in a hurry.

- He made sure everyone was comfortable
and slowly read them a bedtime story from beginning to end ...

The End