Year 3

Actividades para reforzar y ampliar lo que hemos trabajado en clase:

  • "Welcome to the Tiger Street Club!" 

I see colours everywhere!
Cardinal Numbers
Days of the Week Song
Numbers and Monsters Colours

Online Picture Dictionary


English worksheet: School objects


Personal pronouns | FREE ESL  worksheets 


  • Unit 1: "A Computer for the Club"
Where is it?

  • Unit 2: "Animal World"

Build your Wild Self
  • Unit 3: "Sports Star"

Can/Can´t + Sports



  • Unit 4: "Food We Like"

Nouns_Countable and Uncountable_grammar-games


Carla's Sandwich 

  • Unit 5: "Things We Do Every Day"

  • Unit 6: "At the Beach"

Under the Sea_Lyrics

Rock Pools

Resultado de imagen de bugs pixar        Insects worksheets

  • Unit 7: "Tiger Street Club Review"



Personal (Subject) Pronouns 
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