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April, 23rd_Saint George's Day

Saint George is the patron saint of England.

He has been the patron saint of England since the 14th century. 

St George's Day is the anniversary of his death, which is on April 23rd. He was a soldier in the Roman army who protested against the Roman torture of Christians and was killed for his beliefs.
 St George is the patron saint of a number of places, such as Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Portugal and Russia.

According to legend, the only well in the town of Silene was guarded by a dragon. In order to get water, the inhabitants of the town had to offer a human sacrifice every day to the dragon.

The person to be sacrificed was chosen by lots.
On the day that St George was visiting, a princess had been selected to be sacrificed. However, he killed the dragon, saved the princess and gave the people of Silene access to water. 

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                                                 Make an Origami Dragon from folded paper


This is St George's cross. 

 It is used as England's national flag, forming part of the Union Flag, the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Let's colour and play!

23rd, April _ World Book Day

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Happy Easter

I took this photograph in Norwich two years ago :-)

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Campamentos de Inglés_Verano Joven_2014_Castilla-La Mancha

Texto de la Convocatoria

Plazo de presentación de solicitudes: comenzará el día siguiente al de la publicación de la convocatoria en el Diario Oficial de Castilla-La Mancha y finalizará el 15 de abril de 2014. 

Acceso directo al Portal Joven de Castilla-La Mancha 

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National Geographic_Young Explorer!

Festivals in Britain

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Daily Routines

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Leisure in Britain

Pop in Britain

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This is Britain_Food

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Food in Britain

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A funny scene of Big, with Gene Kelly and Tom Hanks. They speak American English.
You can see them dancing on a big piano.
(arrastra para verlo a partir de los 30 segundos)


This is Britain_School

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Schools in Britain

Animals in Britain

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Sport in Britain

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Question Mark

Question mark

Little Red Riding Hood

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends