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A letter to a new penfriend

Here you are an example of a letter in English.

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A letter to a new pen friend

About Letters

All letters must have :

the address at the top right 

the date under the address 

greeting on the left

an ending 

The address goes at the top right The address is written at the top on the right.

The date on a formal letter The date is written under the address.

The greeting goes on the left The greeting is written on the left under the address and date.

A letterNews, information and questions are written here.
Describe an event, place
Ask for information or help
Persuade someone to do something
Pass on information or instructions

The ending on a formal letter.The ending is written on the left before the signature or name.

The signature on a formal letter. The letter ends with your signature or name.

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Now write your own letter to a friend.