lunes, 25 de abril de 2016



 A heartwarming story about friendship and acceptance and why it is sometimes okay to break the rules.
 Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is very particular about library rules. No running, and you must be quiet. One day a lion walks into the library, and at first, nobody knows what to do because there are no rules about lions in the library. But before long, the lion learns to follow the established rules. He becomes a regular visitor, helping the children and assisting Miss Merriweather with her daily tasks . . . until one day, something terrible happens, and the lion helps in the only way he knows how. 

  1. Where do you think the lion came from? Where do you think he goes every night? 
  2. Why did you think he chose to visit a library? 
  3. How did the people react to the lion when he first came in? Why? How can you tell? 
  4. Did the people change their minds about the lion over time? How do you know?
  5. Why do you think he chose to visit a library?
  6. Who is Mr. McBee? What is his job? 
  7. How did Mr. McBee feel about the lion at first? Did he change his mind over time? Why? 
  8. Who is Miss Merriweather? What is her job? What does a librarian do?
  9. How did Miss Merriweather feel about the lion? How do you know? 
  10. Why did the lion roar at the end of story hour that first day? What was he trying to say? Who understood him? How do you know? 
  11. Why did Miss Merriweather let the lion return the next day? 
  12. What did the lion do when he came back? Why do you think he came back early, before story hour?
  13. Why was the lion “well suited” for the library? How did he contribute to the library community? 
  14. How do you think the lion felt about Miss Merriweather? The children? Mr. McBee? The library? 
  15. What was the relationship between Mr. McBee and Miss Merriweather? Did it change? If so, how? When?
  16. How did the children feel about the lion?