miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Happy World_Peace Day

Happy World

(Blue 4 U)

It's a happy happy world on a happy happy day,
it's a world in harmony without war or pain
you've only got to wish so that your dreams may come true
lift your voice up loud let everyone hear you
(repeat chorus)
let's come and sing it together in peace, love
and unity, right
I said listen brother ma tell one what you
see. Look around the world peace, love and unity, right happy world
whole heap of loving for you and for me all of the world living in harmony
let the people hear you must fight to get in
let's heal the world and make a better place
love shines on all
I said the wind in your face and the breeze in your hair
looking round the world there's wonder everywhere
and we come together missy rise to the all
Boom boom, now we're living in the land of
the free. Boom boom, now we're living in pare harmony.