jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Hello My Friends. Let's Go Trick or Treating.

Hello, My Friends _ Lyrics and Actions

Key Gestures

Witch - Make a witch's hat over your head by forming a pyramid with your hands.

Ghost - Place your hands in front of you like a floating ghost.

Cowboy - Pretend to spin a rope over your head.

Pirate - Cover one eye with your hand to make an eye patch.

Monster - Raise your hands like claws above your head.

Spider - Cross both hands at the wrist, palms face down, and wiggle your fingers.

Bat - Cross your arms at the wrist in front of your chest and then wiggle your index fingers up and down.

Trick-or-treat - Place one hand out palm up and then your other hand out palm up, as if offering two choices.

Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.) [Wave with one hand.]
I'm so happy [Point to your smile.]
to see you. [Point to your eyes and then out to your friend.]

Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.) [Wave with your other hand.]
Let's go trick-or-treating. [Trick-or-treat gesture.]

Witches and ghosts. (Witches and ghosts.) [Witch and ghost gestures.]
Cowboys, pirates, and monsters. [Cowboypirate, and monster gestures.]
Spiders and bats. (Spiders and bats.) [Spider and bat gestures.]
Let's go trick-or-treating.

Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.)
I'm so happy to see you.

Hello, my friends. (Hello, my friends.)
Let's go trick-or-treating. 
Let's go trick-or-treating. ♫